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This can be detrimental in the long term. Contemplating long-term versus short-term affects are vital to consider. Should he buy an expensive car? Go on a lavish vacation? Quit his job and live on that money for a year? Sounds inviting, yeah? But, might it be a better choice to put that money to work for him by investing, or in the very least place it in a savings account?

One never knows what the future holds. Studies have been made on self-control and long-term success.

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One of the best-known studies was made in the s by the late Walter Mischel, Ph. The test was the groundwork for the study of self-control in adults. In the original test, a child was presented with two choices. Enjoy one treat immediately or wait fifteen minutes and enjoy two treats. Decades later, these same subjects were tested to demonstrate their self-control as adults.

Perhaps not surprising, what they found were the children who were tempted years ago and opted for the immediate gratification performed poorly on self-control as adults. Also not surprising, people who can master willpower are generally more successful than those that cannot.

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Self-control and patience will always be the better avenue to take when it comes to those significant decisions to be made. We must take the time to think about how our choices will affect us in the future. Every single decision we make is a choice. And, every choice we make has a consequence. This could be as simple as choosing to skip work for a day or two with a consequence of missing out on something important. Conversely, the outcome could be more impactful with negative consequences, such as getting fired.

The importance of considering potential outcomes of our choices will or should help us make the better decision.


Decision-making should be a thoughtful, thorough process. John Doehy hastily decided to spend a big chunk of that lottery money right away. Tsk tsk. He gathered six of his friends and treated them to a two-week trip to a beach resort.

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His dream of having fun and becoming a beach bum, even if only for a couple of weeks, was realized. John divvied out bucks to his buds. This made him feel like the big dog among his friends. One friend took his portion of the money to the local bar. He drank, danced and performed karaoke long into the night. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.

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