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He continues, "That is most likely has to be paid today at the main office today, if you're able to come here within the 35 minutes because they already authorized the technicians to disconnect it.

Is there any way you can come down to our main office? Where are you calling from? Cause I didn't think they needed to come to your house to turn off your electricity. OK, they're going to the post. They're not going to your house. They don't have to go to your house to disconnect you. But that's it. He hangs up.

'Power pirates' could be your neighbors

You can listen to the actual audio in the online version of this story. Later, Dan Wallace, who introduced me to these con men "You'll love it" , and I compare notes. His fake bill is double mine. Dan laughs at my plan. I was going to give you the number for these money-mad pirates and ask you to call them. Talk real slow.

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Take up their time. It's fun to use fake addresses: 1 Swindle Drive. But darn. I tested the number.

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It's down. My guess is law enforcement took it out. Phone numbers used by criminals don't last more than a few days. Oh well, we'll try again, at another time, to give another scammer a really bad day. In the meantime, make sure you pay your light bill. Listen to the audio of the phone call with the scammers.

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Thieves Use New Tactics to Steal Electricity from Neighbors

Sign up to get weekly updates. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. That lock prevents the bike from being ridden, meaning a thief would have to carry it off. The Vanmoof S2 even features a super loud alarm and the headlight flashes S-O-S when the alarm is triggered.

But the main feature that allows Vanmoof to call the bike theft proof is the electronic tracking. The S2 e-bike comes with a built-in GSM-enabled tracker. Vanmoof can see exactly where the bike is if it ever walks off. Vanmoof also claims that any attempt to remove the tracker will result in destroying the bike in the process.

The tracking module can apparently be removed from the bike with a screwdriver in under 60 seconds. It was as easy as unscrewing the seat post and then removing four security screws underneath the top tube. At that point, the tracker simply slid right out the back of the top tube. We reached out to the company for comment but they have not responded as of the time of publishing.

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According to Vanmoof:. If they would we have told them that the Stealth Lock was not engaged while this was filmed. The alarm would go off immediately if it was engaged. It is false info. Vanmoof also claims that the GSM module was designed to be easy to remove so technicians and even owners themselves could work on the bike and replace parts.

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While that was probably meant to bolster their bike hunter service, it could mean the company will providing more free bikes in the future than they originally intended. So even if a thief were to steal an S2 and remove the GSM module, the owner would presumably be getting a new e-bike in a few weeks time. In this case, the steps are already public and the company is presumably aware of the issue.

Now it is likely best if all Vanmoof S2 owners know about the issue so they can plan accordingly.