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See p. It includes the whole coast line between Lagos and Cameroon, with the exception of the tract between For- cados and the Brass Rivers, which belongs to the Niger territories, besides the possessions of the African Association founded in in the Oil River district. The frontier begins on the seacoast, 10 miles North Frontiers. West of the Benin River, extends along tliis river as far as Lagos Creek, and then follows and includes the general frontier of the Benin territories, following the Forcados River to Gana, excending 10 miles towards the North East, and 50 towards the North.

According to the statement of tlie Im- perial Commissioner and Consul General, "these boundaries are 38 subject to iiKuliticatioii acconliug to local nMiuireineiits. At present nothing definite can be said concerning the area and population. Tlie coast of the territory was discovered by the Portuguese at rossossioii. Baikie's expedition up the Niger. The origin of the hrst British settlement on the Niger River.

Six vice- consnls, under the Consul-General, are stationed along the rivers. The Consul-General has no fixed residence. Niger Territories. Offifiai I if If. By the terms of the Anglo-French Agreement of the 5th of Angtist , the frontier between the English and French Spheres of Interest in tlie Niger Territory is a straight hne from tlie town Say on tlie Niger to Barua Baruwa on the Tsad Lake, "drawn in such a mannei- as to comprise within the" "sphere of the Niger Company all that which fairly belongs to the" "kingdom of Sokoto, the line to be determined by commissioners to" "be appointed.

Anglo- German treaty, Nov. The whole territory of the British Protectorate is estimated at Area. The population amounts to 20 — 35 millions. The greater part embraces the dominion of the Fuldn or Divisions. Felldtah of Sokoto, whose vassal is the Sultan of Gando, the greatest of the Fellatah chiefs. How far the territory of the "Em2 eror of Sokoto", as he is called by the English, extends, and which of the chiefs towards the West recognise his authority, is very uncertain. The Sokoto territories are usually said to contain , square miles and 15 millions inhabitants.

The reigning Sultan of Sokoto transferred the rights of civil, criminal, and fiscal juris- diction over foreigners to the Royal Niger Company. Among the chiefs of the provinces belonging to Sokoto, there is a sort of Lieutenant- Governor of the Sultan of Sokoto. These officials attend to the payment of the tribute, and are in regular communication with the 40 "Kmpeior".

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Tlie ofticials of the Royal Niger Company have coiicludeil a series of special treaties "alternative treaties" with tlie chiefs or "vassal kings" of tlie various provinces. The Capital of Sokoto is at present Wurm 15, inhabitants. The earliest relations of England with the tract embracing the I'"''"I''''" nresent Niger territories date from and the following years, i Lieutenant Clapperton reaching Sokoto in and remaining there till Thomson's treaties with the Sultans of Sokoto and Gando.

The South East frontier regulation with Germany. Extension of these rights. From —, the Company concluded about SOO treaties with the potentates of the Niger territories in Sokoto and Gando, from which they derive their present rights of possession. A French commercial company tried to compete with the British on the Niger, but received so little support from France that they were compelled to abandon their project, the British company having already in a Niger flotilla of 25 steamers and a considerable capital.

Since then Great Britain has endeavoured to firmly establish herself on the middle Niger and in the Bennue districts, despite the simultaneous attempts of France and Germany in this direction on the ground that the territory "Sokoto" is in- determinable. In accordance with the terms of the Berlin Treaty of the 26th of Fehrtiary , the navigation on the Niger is free. Franco-English Convention. Capital: Asaha.

Government by a "Civil Council" in London. The Independent States of Central- Soudan.

AFRYAPA 2018: Historique de l'alliance AGNI-BAOULE

Tshad Lake Countries. There is no general official title. The political frontiers of these States are undefinable. As regards Bornu, this state belongs, in accordance with the Agreement of the 5th August, , and the Anglo-German treaty of the loth Novemher, , to the British Sphere of Interest. The state contains has about 50, square miles area and about 5 million in- habitants. Capital: Kuka Kukaua , 50, to 60, inhabitants. By the terms of the Anglo-French Agreement of , Bornu is, accor- ding to the English official statements, excluded from the sphere of France and Germany.

Wadal is at present the most powerful state on the Tshad Lake. Even the celebrated conqueror Kabah could not subjugate it. The area amounts to , square miles with about 2 million in- habitants. Kanem on the North-East side of Tshad 30, square miles, 10, inhabitants, capital, Mao, where the authorised agent of Count Kinsky.

The suzerainty of Wadai was recognised by the Sultan of the country then residing at Massenja as early as As far as the right of possession is concerned, the Tshad Lake territory is a district of Africa over which there has been much dispute, and the order maintained there at present is not likely to last long. In course of time two points with reference to possessory rights came to the front: 1. Germany endeavoured to touch the Tshad Lake shore from Cameroon across the Bennue, and attained her object by an Agreement with England in and and with France in The Convention hetiveen the English Niger Conqmny and Germany of 15th November , secured the East of the Tshad Lake territory as far as Dar Fur to the latter, wliich security has naturally a theoretical value only.

In the same convention of the 4th February, , France also suc- ceeded in reaching the Tshad Lake ; Germany, however, also reached the Sanga Valley and consequently the Congo. To all appearances, France has gained the greatest advantage, having not only right of access to the Tshad Lake along the Shari, but also to Mayo Kebbi 43 and thereby ''par Benoiie", as it is called, to the Niger, on which navigation is free.

It is however doubtful whether Turkey will be able to reach the Tshad Lake across the Eastern Sahara.

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Protectorate of the German Empire Schutzgebiete des deutschen Official title. The Western frontier runs see p. Thence it runs to a point situated on the left shore of the Bennue, which lies 5 km below the principal mouth of the River Frao, afterwards taking a straight course to Ngala on the South border of Tshad Lake. It is further due to this Convention that tlie Northoiu frontier partly follows the course of the Shari. Germany has thus an interest in the Shari Logoue basin.

Special treaties ivith EmjJamh Apr'd. The area amounts to , sq. Topulation: 2,, The official title- deed says ''Schutzgebiet" Protectorate. Discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th Century. The coast of Treaties. Later, British missionaries settled there, and were followed by traders from most of the sea-faring nations. Manifold disputes ensued among Hamburg firms, French in Batanga and English as to possession. Buchholz, Reichenow and Luehder in Cameroon and Calabar territories.

Comber's explorations in Cameroon. Gustav Nachtigal placed the possessions of the Hamburg firms under German protection. Flegel, Kund, Tappenbeck, Kling, v.

Stetten, Dr. Passarge and others led to an extension of the possessions in the Interior. The protectorate is ruled by an Imperial Governor, who also Varia.

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Missionary station : Victoria. Spanisli Possession in the Gulf of Guinea and on the Gaboon. Both islands were ceded to Spain in Since the 1st of March , Spain has laid claim to the so-called Corisco Bay with the islands, Corisco and Elohy, at the mouth of the Muni and Campo, and a small part of the adjoining territory, Han Juan.

République de la Côte d'Ivoire

Corisco island has an area of 14 scj. The Spaniards claim the right to trade with this territory. Indeed, at one time, Spain was believed to lay claim to , sq. The point remains unsolved.

Portup'iiese Possession in the Gulf of Guinea. Since the glorious times of Portuguese discovery in the 15th century, Portugal has possessed St. According to British estimates a total surface of only square miles and 21, inhabitants. This estimate however, dating from the years —, is too low. French Conpfo. Mfiriai title. The frontiers are defined in detail by the Convention letween France and Portugal on the 12th May and 25tli May The frontier, according to the Convention between France and the Association Internationale Africaine Berlin Conference 26th February runs from the Easterly point of the Cabinda territory on the Upper Tshiloango, 10" 20' East of Paris, and follows this river until opposite Manyanga on the Congo.

It then follows the right bank of the Congo as far as the junction of the Ubangui Convention letween France and the Independent Congo States 29th April, , continuing its course to the mouth of the Mbomu, and along the right bank into the Niam Niam countries, between the seats of Semio and Ndoruma. The northern frontier of the French possession is, with the exception of the tract on the Tshad Lake see page 40 , not determined upon.

The neighbouring state is Wadai with its vassal lands of Baghirmi.