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Not that the book was bad, but I had such high hopes for it and it turned out to be simply an "ok" book. There were moments I laughed, of course, but I feel like I would have done o few things differently. Not to mention a few particular things that had me wanting to throw the book across the room, some thi This book covers one of my favorite concepts in romantic literature: the best friend guy. Not to mention a few particular things that had me wanting to throw the book across the room, some things I would not have easily forgiven if I was one of the main characters.

And as for Jack, he seemed like a cool guy, but I just don't thing I really fell for him like I do most of the other leading guys. And don't even get me started on the ending. Artistically I can admit that it was kind of brilliant. But as the girl craving romance and final happily-ever-after scene, I was so frustrated I wanted to rip my own eyes out. But still, not a bad book. View 2 comments. Jul 20, Lindsey rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Girls who want a fun read.

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Shelves: funreads. Look at your circle of guy friends. Could the love of your life be standing right in front of you and you don't even know it? That is what this book is all about.

It's a lighthearted novel about a girl with a group of friends and a problem with finding the guy whose right for her. She has two good girlfriends and a best guy friend, all of whom are close.


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Througout the book, you'll follow her and her friends as they experience situations that have most likely happened to you or your friends. It i Look at your circle of guy friends. It is a good book that you can relate to and you are constantly asking the question: Who will she end up with?? Mar 18, Tory rated it it was ok. Classic, predictable chick-lit. What really annoyed me about this book was the mix of English and American phrases. It was about an English girl living in America, and all the Americans in the book spoke like English people.

Understandable if the author was British and hadn't spent much time in America She might live in England now, but surely she isn't so out of touch that she doesn't know how American's speak. And if she is? Then an editor needed to point that Classic, predictable chick-lit. Then an editor needed to point that out.

As an American who's lived in England, that sort of thing drives me absolutely nuts. May 20, Tess rated it liked it Shelves: own.

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Jack and Freya. Freya and Jack. I liked the book all the way up to the last pages, when Sisman developed the main characters into people I couldn't admire or find appealing. Especially Jack- blech! Although the premise of the story is for Jack and Freya to fall in love blah, blah, blah , as I was reading, I was like "No, no, no, I don't want these two together".

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  5. And Freya's weak woman complex, wanting Jack to take a hike, and then crying and loathing after him for days on end after the way he treated her- yuck. Let's just say for such a "match made in heaven" situation that the author was trying to allude to, this is not how I envision people who truly love one another treating each other, and thus closed the book whole heartedly believing their relationship wouldn't last. Despite all this, the book held my interest much more than other chic-lit books I've read.

    May 09, Amanda Morris rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. This book is an unsung masterpiece within the "chick-lit" genre. Do certain parts test the limits of what is believable? Well, yes, but it is fiction! And it all works. There are so many "scenes" in this book that are legitimately laugh-out-loud funny and the two main characters are really endearing.


    I think it would be a cute movie, and at one point I'm pretty sure it had been optioned but I don't think anything ever came of it. Anyway, I recommend it for anyone who likes a good "When Harry Met This book is an unsung masterpiece within the "chick-lit" genre.

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    Sep 07, Kristen rated it liked it Shelves: stories-for-mys-ands. Reading the back the book made me think about this movie with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman, where they become fighting roommates and then perfect soulmates. The book was better than I expected. There was honest character introspective, which is always nice from a book with a pink dress on the cover.

    Jul 07, Kate rated it it was ok Shelves: brain-candy , romance. Too many dealbreakers and too much harshness considering the premise is a promise of fluff and a foregone-conclusion happy ending. Could have been a heck of a lot better and a lot more fun. Sep 17, Penny Gumbel rated it liked it. Rom-com at its mediocre best.

    Jan 19, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: book-club , chick-lit. There were very few parts in this book that I actually got into and truly enjoyed.


    Overall this book was a disappointment. Mar 31, Teressa rated it it was ok. The fact that it was then wrapped up in the usual chick-lit pretty little bow ending was laughable. May 24, CJ - It's only a Paper Moon rated it really liked it Shelves: fluff-light-reading , familyconflict , romance , fiction-for-women , autumn-read , new-york-city , chick-lit , london-or-england.

    I don't know how else to explain it that's a lie, of course I can explain it I'm just not going to. Both characters are self-absorbed, isolated selfish people who can be both cruel and gentle. They are flawed to the point where at first you don't know if you like them or just hanging out with them. Sort of like the people you only hang out with at a bar but the minute you are summoned to their house for dinner you hesitate.

    Jack is a writer and I connected with his character - the selfish playboy 'dillente' that he is - and less so with tough as nails, art house manager Freya, who is an emotional ice sculpture with storms swirling inside her so hard they threaten to subsume anyone who comes close. Jack and Freya are friends and have been for about a decade and their relationship, like their memories are bittersweet. When Freya gets dumped by her boyfriend she moves in with Jack until she gets back on her feet. That makes sense but not a day in are they bickering and fighting and the reader is left wondering how in the hell were they ever friends?

    Are they friends because of history or because they truly like each other? The rest of the book is pretty much like that until the scenery changes from NYC to England and then with the change of scenery comes new perspective. Jack has been completely cut off from his allowance, Freya is forced to attend her step-sister's wedding whom she can't stand and frankly I can't either so both are a little raw and sore but somehow they manage to get along in this situation of pretending to be lovers than they ever had in being friends.

    The reader then wonders if the fighting is due to the familiarity and comfort of friendship is chafing due to the fact that they both have feelings that have grown outside of that box. Until Jack commits an unforgivable act.

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    Then the rest of the story is about how these two people were so close but because of their defenses and self-imposed issues have blown the one thing that could have kept their silly little lives afloat in this crazy mixed up world. On top of that there is another betrayal, less shocking because the author didn't have the good sense to leave two chapters out of the book, several revelations and some maturity. I don't think this book is particularly romantic but instead focuses on the bittersweet aspect of a relationship that really only two options left for it.

    To part of take the next step. It's a good Autumn in NY read. The descriptions weren't bad but I got the feeling that Sisman might not have spent enough time in NY because instead of feeling vibrant, gritty, slightly gross and amazing it seemed like a sketch or a watercolor. Pretty foundations but no solid form on which to stand.

    However, decent read. If you see this is in a bargain bin or on the bookswap take a second. Sep 23, Elley Murray rated it really liked it Shelves: chick-lit. Freya keeps trying throughout the book to be some sexy, flirty young thing, at the same time wanting her boyfriend, Michael, to propose and dreading it. Just Friends has a positively delicious blend of sexual tension, almost connections, misunderstandings, sudden realizations, and hurt feelings.

    Jul 16, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: chick-lit , bought-copy. This is the story about Jack and Freya - two people living in New York who have been friends for ten years or thereabouts. The book follows similar themes to When Harry Met Sally e. The characters were surprisingly three dimensional for a chick lit novel.

    Jack is a playboy who chases after women that he has no need to commit to, but a lot of his actions are driven by trying to win his millionaire father' This is the story about Jack and Freya - two people living in New York who have been friends for ten years or thereabouts. Jack is a playboy who chases after women that he has no need to commit to, but a lot of his actions are driven by trying to win his millionaire father's approval and also by the frustrations of being an author who has written one successful first novel but is struggling to complete the second.

    Freya is, on the surface, a rather cold and distant woman but beneath the surface is still an awkward girl who is desperate to show her family that she has achieved much by having headed to New York alone. I liked the characters and I liked the eventual ending where - surprise, surprise - everything ends up working out for the best. Along the way there were a few things that were either contrived or a little shocking, but overall I found this a good read and I thoroughly enjoy Sisman's style of writing which is rather like watching an episode of Friends.

    Jan 26, Meredith Y rated it liked it. I have to give this book a mixed review. The premise is conventional, but one that I often enjoy - good friends find out that they can be more than friends. Frankly, the first part of the novel dragged. Finally, when the plot livens up and you are excited to read what happens next, the novel ends!